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The Coast of Silver Springs

The Coast of Silver Springs

by Lydia Brooks

Running close to the front of the herd, Dot saw a foal stray. She gently nickered for it to come back, and it obeyed.

“That’s not what happened to me all those years ago,” she thought as she reflected back to her filly days.


“Let’s go!” The stallion, Midnight, neighed to his herd.

“Come along, Dot!” Mom neighed to her as she started gaining speed.

“Coming!” Dot replied, catching up. “Can Amber canter with me?”

“Sure,” Mom replied.

Amber heard them considering the idea from behind. Hearing the answer, she gained speed to catch up to Dot’s side.

“Did you hear? There’s a stallion wandering around looking to take over a herd,” Amber said as soon as she and Dot were cantering side by side. Amber was the master of gossip and was always telling Dot stories she heard from her mother’s side.

“Couldn’t he just lead away a few mares and foals to make his own?” Dot questioned.

“He doesn’t want to. He thinks it’s too much work. So he’s after an established herd like ours.”

“Do you think he’ll come for our Dark Dusk herd?” Dot asked, fidgeting with the idea.

“I’ll bet ten dandelions for it!” Amber said, confident with her decision.

“But I like Midnight! He’s been such a great stallion for us.”

“I do too. But don’t you think it’s time for some change?”

“No!” Dot protested.

“Well, I think it is.”

Dot processed this for a minute before asking, “What else have the mothers’ talked about?”

“Mostly about the lone stallion, but they did mention something about a lake, I think they said it was called the Silver Springs?” Amber said, looking back to the conversation.

“Huh, did they say anything else about the Silver Springs?”

“Not much. They were talking about how much rain there’s been. Then Thunder’s mom said ‘Silver Springs must be overfilling; I bet the area’s closed off from the magic.’”

“Who’s that up ahead?” Dot asked, looking into the distance.

Amber followed her gaze.

“I think that’s the wandering stallion…”

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